While there is certainly all kinds of fluids involved in the birth process we are careful about keeping your carpets/beds/furniture clean! We will start a load of laundry and clean up before we leave, often leaving your space tidier than when we arrived.  


Thankfully, true emergencies are rare as we are carefully monitoring both you and baby and would transfer to a hospital if "red flags" began showing. I train deeply and regularly in handling the most common emergencies, as well as carry the necessary equipment and medications to address them. 


When care is itemized, and would insurance in this area pay for out of hospital care, the cost is $5500.00. 

I offer a pre-paid package fee of $4500.00 when paid in full by 36 weeks, and $4100.00 when paid in full by 28 weeks. This fee includes all prenatal visits, lending library, access to prenatal conversations group with area home birthers and Midwives, direct access to me via phone and email from the time of hire through 6 weeks postpartum, I go on-call for your birth at 37 weeks, labor and birth support and monitoring, access to water-birth tub, the 2nd Midwife fee, and all postpartum visits for the birthing person and baby. This does not include the cost of ultrasounds and non-standard labs. While this is significantly less than what a typical hospital birth would cost, I am intimately aware that this fee is a barrier to access for many families in our community. I am committed to making home birth care accessible to those who desire it. In an effort to do so I am an in-network provider for Badgercare. Many folks who may not be eligible for Badgercare outside of pregnancy become so during pregnancy as the income restrictions loosen. I am happy to offer a sliding scale for those who face financial hardship and are not eligible for Badgercare. We all deserve to have full access to the kind of care we need and desire. 

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