One of the most important aspects of the Midwifery Model of Care is the trusting relationship built around continuity of care, centered on you and your family's unique needs and desires. It takes time to build that and choosing a home birth midwife means you will have plenty of one on one time!


Big sister P taking a listen with the fetoscope  

Your initial visit is typically 90 minutes. We will review your medical history, including menstrual cycle patterns, your current pregnancy, any past pregnancies, births, and lactation history, I will offer a physical, we will listen to baby's heart, and explore any questions you bring!  ​​All following prenatal visits typically last an hour. We will monitor your vitals and baby's heart, go over any questions or concerns you may have, explore the emotional stretching that happens right alongside the physical, discuss your testing options, draw and review labs when appropriate, and share community resources in an effort to build a strong circle of support as you grow your family. The standard schedule of prenatal visits is:

  • Monthly visits until 28 weeks

  • Bi-monthly visits 28-36 weeks

  • Weekly visits until 36-41 weeks

  • Bi-weekly visits after 41 weeks


I go on-call for your labor at 37 weeks. As labor begins and throughout early labor we will be in close contact. I will join you in your home to offer support and monitoring of you and babe as you step into active labor. During labor we monitor your vitals as well as listen to baby's heart to be sure you are both healthy throughout the labor and birth process.  I bring fully stocked birth bags, equipment and medications to handle emergencies, knowledge and skills that deepen with each family I serve, and deep reverence for you, your babe, your family, and the birth journey. As you get near to pushing I will call in a 2nd Licensed Midwife to assist. We will stay no less than 2 hours, but typically 3-4, after birth. In that time we will make sure nursing gets off to a solid start, examine the (incredible) placenta, perform a thorough newborn exam, check your vitals, assess for any tearing and offer a repair if appropriate, make sure you are able to urinate, we'll tidy up, get everyone fed and nestled into bed.

Just as prenatal care is catered to each individual's unique needs and desires, the way in which I show up for you in labor will always be guided by what you are needing in each moment. 






A working on bring her sweet, chunky guy earth-side




If I *had* to pick 1 area where home birth care really shines I would have to say postpartum care is it! No having to get yourself and your babe out of the house, or even the bed! I come to you and babe at 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, and 14 days after birth to assess both you and baby. Our final visit is a 6 week visit at my office. (In hospital-based postpartum care the birthing person is seen just once, 6 weeks after the birth.) We will discuss any questions or concerns that have come up, assess both your and baby's health, offer support with any latch/feeding issues, discuss expected infant development, and continue to explore the emotions that bringing a human into the world opens up. 

Having a hospital birth but intrigued by this kind of postpartum support? I am thrilled to offer postpartum care "a la carte" to support more families in having a restful postpartum period with attentive care for both babe and birthing person!