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I am happy to offer placenta encapsulation to those wanting to take advantage of this amazing organ!

With placenta services you can expect me to:

  • Pick up placenta on the day of birth 

  • If you were not offered a "tour" of your placenta by your birth team, I will offer one before I take it for processing

  • Use safe, clean space, tools and protocol to prepare your placenta. Always handling it with care and acknowledging the great work it did in helping grow your babe.

  • Return the pills within 72 hours (tincture takes 6 weeks) of pick-up, along with detailed instructions on storing and ingesting 

  • Be available for questions that may arise after drop-off

Mullein Moon Midwifery, LLC  |  Madison, WI  |  Ph: 608-220-6166 Fax: 855-387-3463

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